Boxing is one of the oldest sports you can think of, it is also one of the best sports to get fit and lose weight. Athletes from all different spots use boxing as part of their workouts to improve their performance and expand their skills. People are fascinated with boxing, but some think that it’s only people who want to compete or that they’re too old, too young, not in good enough shape to start, they don’t want to go alone, they’re shy, they are scared to get hurt…
There are so many excuses not to try, but also many reasons to go box at Hard Knox and change your lifestyle. It is fun, challenging, intense, and you will get in shape and out of your comfort zone, improve your coordination, cardio and strength combined. The question is why haven’t YOU started boxing yet at Hard Knox Gym.
There are so many questions…
Hard Knox Gym is THE answer. Hard Knox Gym is a clean, friendly and professionally run gym. Whether you want to get in shape, to compete or use it as a cross training tool for another sport you’re doing, you will learn all the basic techniques and punching combinations on the heavy bags or focus mitts. Herby Whyne is the founder, owner, head coach and trainer, and he brings his 30 years experiences as a fighter and coach.
Each class is packed with technical instructions and lots of intensity. In this co-ed class, everyone is treated with equal respect to their physical capabilities. Every goal can be fulfilled, whether it is to train hard, get stronger, lose weight, get in shape, build confidence, learn to protect yourself and have fun doing it… Herby assures you of that in each class. Come join the Hard Knox family!
Herby Whyne teaches co-ed Boxing classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm as well as Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:00am.