Hard Knox Gym strives to develop a culture of self-respect, self-confidence and self-defense kids boxing. Boxing for Kids at Hard Knox Gym teaches children to be both strong mentally and physically in order to stand up and believe in themselves and especially against people who intimidate them, like bullies. They are taught to persevere and push through struggles and also to reminded to always respect themselves and their opponents. We teach the children to be strong and independent so that they can handle their own battles in life. We don’t teach violence, we teach self-development and discipline, strength and control and if needed, they will have the ability to defend themselves.
Ibrakhim Sylla who teaches this class, was once a shy and timid boy at Hard Knox Gym and build himself up to be one of the best boxers that Hard Knox produced. He is patient, tough and strict and he instills discipline and respect. Come join the Hard Knox family!
Children can start taking classes at age of 8 to 12 years old. Classes are given twice a week, Wednesdays evenings at 5:00pm and Saturday mornings at 10:00am. Children can also compete if desired.
Ibrakhim Sylla teaches the kids boxing classes.