Women’s Boxing has become more and more popular in the last decade; women’s boxing is now part of the summer Olympics, there are more and more movies involving women’s boxing, more and more models, actresses practice boxing to lose weight, get fit, tone their bodies and learn new skills. Women from all over the world are using it to help build their self-confidence, get stronger, protect themselves, relieve stress, blow off steam and stand up.
Women’s Boxing at Hard Knox Gym is what you need. It is a clean and friendly boxing gym that’s committed to guide and help you reach your goals, whatever they are. Lead by Christian Hip, you will be guided and taught the fundamentals of boxing. You will be surrounded by women with the same desire. Each class is unique, you will learn to protect yourself, to punch, to be aware of your personal space and most importantly… build your confidence and get in great shape. So whether it’s for recreational or competitive purposes, come discover a new and exciting passion while having fun. Come join the Hard Knox family!
Christian Hip teaches Women’s Boxing on Friday evenings at 6:00pm. Coming in Fall 2021.