TO Hard Knox Gym

Welcome to Hard Knox Gym where we train hard and box harder. OUR goal is to help you reach YOUR goal. Hard Knox Gym is a boxing gym complete with fitness center. We offer boxing for kids starting at 8 years old, and for women and men of all ages. We also offer kickboxing, muay thaï, bodyfit, bootcamp and crazy skipping classes. If you need a bit more of a personal touch, we also have private training sessions available. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, come experience the positive vibes that is Hard Knox Gym. Whatever your goals or aspirations are, come check us out and learn what it means to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Come join the Hard Knox family!

Beginners welcome.

Learn to box with highly qualified trainers. Whether it’s to get in shape and have fun or to compete, come experience the positive vibes at Hard Knox Gym.

What is kickboxing? Kickboxing is a combination of punches and kicks from martial arts. It’s the ultimate workout using the upper and lower body at the same time.
Women’s Boxing- Fall 2021
The foundation of every women’s boxing class at Hard Knox will be to learn to protect yourself, how to punch with intent, how to be aware of your personal space, most importantly… how to build your self-confidence and of course get in the best shape of your life. Coming Fall 2021.
Kids boxing
Children are welcome to start boxing at Hard Knox at the age of 8. We don’t teach violence, we teach self- discipline, strength and control. Children will learn to be strong and independent so that they can handle their own battles in life.
Women’s Kickboxing
Learn the basics of kickboxing in a friendly and dynamic environment. You will learn various kickboxing techniques and combinations while getting into amazing shape as you improve your strength, balance and coordination.
Boot Camp
Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, tricep dips…what more could you ask for? Come try out our circuit style class strength training class.
HIIT BOX 45 – Fall 2021
Intervals +Circuits + Punching bags+ Bodyweight exercise+ Elastics+ High intensity = A strong sculpted toned rock solid body!
Join us for a kick ass lunchtime workout! Back in Fall 2021.
Muay Thaï
Muay Thaï is a combination of many different ancient martial arts. The sport allows you to use you’re your fists, elbows and knees… how awesome is that! Come and try out this once upon a time forbidden sport.
Private Training
Call us and make an appointment with any of our experienced and qualified trainers at 514-933-3388. Private, semi-private and small group sessions available.
Weight Room
Our fitness center is complete with treadmills, spinning bikes, elliptical, rowers and a variety of weights designed to let you create your own program and determine our level of intensity.