Learn basic boxing techniques with highly qualified trainers. Whether it be to compete or just for fun, try it out and test your limits.

What is kickboxing? Kickboxing is a combination of punches and kicks from martial arts. It’s the ultimate workout using the upper and lower body at the same time.

The foundation of every women’s boxing class will be to learn to protect yourself, build confidence, punch with intent, how to be aware of your personal space and of course to get in the best shape of our life.

Children are welcome to start boxing at Hard Knox at the age of 8. The sport of boxing builds confidence and teaches discipline, perseverance, resilience and respect.

Do you want to try something new, exciting, challenging and fun? Looking to firm up that butt, lose weight, get strong build your self-confidence? Look no further, come try out our women’s kickboxing classes.

This group strength training class is filled with high intensity exercises designed to shock the body and burn fat.

Burpees, push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, tricep dips…what more could you ask for? Come try out our circuit style class strength training class.

You want to loose weight, change your body, get stronger? Chris has designed this intense class for people who want to push and be pushed to their limits.

Muay thaï is a combination of many different ancient martial arts. The sport allows you to use you’re your fists, elbows and knees… how awesome is that!